My mom has been knitting for over 25 years now (she started when I was born, so technically 26), and she was the one who sat me down when I was about 12 years old and taught me how to knit. The good news is that she taught me continental style–which I believe to be a little easier than throwing my stitches. However, somewhere over the past 14 years (which is hard to believe) I started twisting my stitches.

I don’t think that my mom taught me the wrong way–I probably made it up as I went along. From what I can recall, I have a lot of finished projects without twisted stitches. However it happened, I’m happy to say I’m slowly learning to correct the problem as I go after taking a quick class on how to fix your mistakes. The woman teaching the class pointed out how to look at your stitches as you go to make sure they are straight. 

You might be wondering: are you sure you were twisting your stitches? It can’t be a big deal, can it? Take a look:

The top photo showcases the Stitch Block Cowl I am currently working on. The yarn was purchased at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival OVER A YEAR AGO when the top photo was taken. I got to the end of the Rambler Stitch block and hated how it didn’t look like the photo. Naturally I just ripped it all out.

The bottom photo was taken this past week after I worked up the courage to start the pattern over. I’m really glad I did! My stitches are no longer twisted, and I’m using life lines, which are so helpful. They’re just like they sound…they save you in case you make a huge mistake and have to rip out a couple of rows.

My biggest piece of advice: take a class on fixing your mistakes! It’s so helpful, and it can change your knitting whether you’ve been knitting for a year or a million years. //Victoria 

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