Summer in western PA this year has been a little weird. Rainy, hot, rainy and hot, kind of chilly and a mix of everything. When I woke up this morning it was chilly, and I was really glad I had this DIY Cocoon Sweater to throw on!

My inspiration for this make was a thicker cocoon sweater that I spotted at TJ Maxx at the beginning of May. It had longer sleeves and I didn’t think I’d get much use of it until the fall. I kicked myself later when our weird weather introduced itself this summer. Hot days, cool nights…you know the drill.

The version I made was a really simple sew that I took straight from this tutorial video by Sew in Love. There are a lot of tutorials online, and this one was my fave. I had to stop/pause the video a lot, but it is very straight forward. If you can measure out rectangles and sew in a straight line then you can make this sweater!

As far as changes go, I will edit the sleeves a little bit to be tighter and longer for my next (fall) version. I think I messed up those measurements somehow. But it turned out to be the perfect addition, and it will be great to wear all year round! The fabric I used was a really light sweater knit from Girl Charlee in my stash (yay!).

Have you ever DIYed something after seeing it in a store? How did it turn out? //Victoria

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