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2015 Goals

I’ve started off the last couple of years with goals in mind for the year. Actually, to be honest, I completely forgot that I did it last year. 

Here’s the run down on last year’s sewing goals:
1. Review my wardrobe, purge, take inventory and sew the staple pieces I need. I did okay with this, but I still have a lot to do. I don’t think I took inventory either. Lots of staples were sewn, though!
2. Sew a pair of pants. I was SO CLOSE with this one. My Ginger Jeans are still waiting for me to get my act together. I will make that happen in 2015.
3. Make something for Josh. Again, so close. I tried to make us matching PJ pants for Christmas Eve this year, and while my red buffalo plaid (unblogged) Hudson pants were one of my best makes of 2014, his green ones didn’t turn out. THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR FOR HIM. Maybe.
4. Sew a coat. I did not sew a coat this year.
5. Blog more! Could have done better with this one, but decent nonetheless.

This year, I have some separate goals for not only sewing and my blog, but knitting/crocheting as well.


1. Participate in Me-Made-May 2015. I love this challenge, and I think I can make it happen this year. With the exception of one work day (which I could still pull off something else after work) this is a totally doable challenge for me.
2. More basics! Staples were my goal last year, and it is the same this year. Sewing has really helped me love wearing basics.
3. GINGER JEANS. They will happen this year. More than one pair.


1. Content Calendar/Organization. This will help me with posting more. It’s what I hope will make this blog bigger and better than ever in 2015!
2. Tutorials! I’d love to post a tutorial or two this year. Stay tuned.
3. More comments. Confession time: I’m a passive blog reader. I love to read about what other people are doing, but then there are the days that I don’t comment to tell them how awesome they are. I want to comment more this year.


1. Conquer projects I’ve been afraid of. Socks…sweaters…this is the year that I stop drooling over the #shareyourknits hashtag full of cardigans and MAKE MY OWN.
2. Finish my scrapghan. I’ve been working on a bobble afghan for over a year that I just found hiding in a corner of my sewing room. Time to break it out and get rid of my stash!
3. Make more gifts for other people. I do a lot of random knitting, and I know that if I plan/start now I could have some really awesome presents to give out for birthdays/Christmas in 2015.

PHEW. That was A LOT. But I had to do it. Do you have big dreams for 2015?

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