Gift Guide for Comic Book Lovers

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Comic books have always been popular, but it seems that their popularity has grown in recent years thanks to Hollywood.  My husband is a huge comic book fan– and it makes gift buying hard but fun. In honor of his 27th birthday this month I’ve created a quick gift guide for comic book lovers!

Try working with a theme

It isn’t necessary, but I always love themes for gifts. Normally for the hub’s birthday it is always a theme of his favorite things, but if you want to do something all comic books you could stick with a theme of Marvel (Spiderman, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, etc.), DC (Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, etc.) or a specific superhero.

Find a valuable comic book they’ve always wanted

This is hard, but it could be a great surprise! A graded comic book by the CGC makes for a great gift that could be very valuable. I would look for a grading of 9.4 or higher (as recommended by a friend). Prices for these books will ultimately depend on what you are looking for.

You have to really listen throughout the year to find out what they want to add to their collection and then scour eBay for a graded issue. You could also by an ungraded issue, but if you go that route I would recommended looking at a couple of comic book stores in your area to see the books in person. If your comic book lover is like my husband, they very picky (as anyone is about their hobby!). Either way beware. You never know what you might get on the internet!

Decorate your space

Sources: One | Two | Three
Sources: One | Two | Three

This one is a win-win for me since I live with my comic book lover and I love comic book art. You can find some really classy comic book art that you can put in a living room that doesn’t look like it’s meant for a young child. The colors can be so vibrant and fun, too! You can find some great comic book art on Etsy that can stick with your theme. I’ve shared some of my favorites above.

You can also head to your local comic book shop and find some old issues of your comic book lover’s favorite comic characters and frame them. It’s a quick, cheap way to add some color to any spot in your home!

Get your craft on

Sources: One | Two | Three
Sources: One | Two | Three

In addition to finding and framing some old comics you can also grab some more to use for some personalized crafts to add to your gift. Check out the sources above for tutorials for a customized comic phone case, magnets and/or coasters.

Of course, you could always sew something, too! That wasn’t the first on my list though, as I always feel like the licensed prints are pretty juvenile. 

Have fun with it!

The internet is an amazing source (thank you, Google) for anything comic book related. Don’t just stick to these ideas–have fun with it! Will I be doing some of these? Maybe! Maybe not. I won’t tell until after May 18! 😉


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