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Life Lately | May Recap

Can you believe it’s June 10? (This post originally said the 4th, but I’m terrible at my blogging timeline as usual.) JUNE. As in SUMMER. I can’t believe this year is already flying by. Here’s a look at my month of May with some of my favorite captured moments.

From top left: I started out May by ringing a historic bell for my institution’s graduation–such an honor;  I got to celebrate Mother’s Day with the woman who taught me everything I know; the hubs and I attended a wedding over Memorial Day and I got to wear my (unblogged) second Adelaide dress with BUTTONS; I finished my second 5k ever; we celebrated our third anniversary; and I found not one, not two, but FOUR Billy Joel records at a local shop to finish out May.

In sewing news, I started out sewing this month with a Morris Blazer that I completely botched. Seriously…I can’t even look at it, and I haven’t picked up anything else since. BUT after reading Coletterie’s most recent post about learning from sewing fails I felt a little bit better. I’m ready to press on to keep going!

How was your month of May?  //Victoria

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