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I must admit that I selfishly love the Instagram hashtag #honestcraftroom because it makes me feel better whenever my space is a mess. A messy space definitely means that I’m off my sewing game, so I definitely needed to clean and organize as much as possible this past weekend. Here’s my own #honestcraftroom before and after…you can click the photos to enlarge them if you wish!


Before I rearranged my space it had become really unorganized, like every good craft room. I get into bad habits of haphazardly throwing supplies or WIPs where they don’t belong or become forgotten.

My space was also a shared space with my hubby and his hobbies (comic books, sports cards, collectibles, etc.). I love that we both have really unique tastes! When we first moved into our house it was a great shared space where I could sew and he could read his comic books. Unfortunately (for him), I kind of overtook it. Fortunately (for me), Josh is really sweet and moved his stuff into our office.

After (AKA In Progress)

I am really blessed to have this much space. We both have a lot of space for our things, actually. I always joke that I don’t know what’s going to happen when kids come along. Everything is definitely a work in progress, and we might end up going back to a shared space one day anyway. For now, I love having room to spread out!

My goal in this space is to add more storage with larger cube shelf (like the Ikea KALLAX) and pass my black shelf along to Josh. A larger storage shelf will allow me to store all of my hobby supplies, from papercraft to sewing, in one place.

It’s still very unorganized, as you can see. I also need to organize my PDF patterns in a better way. as they are everywhere right now! Another story for another day.

A new addition is the space where I’m going to shoot my finished projects, on my wedding hanger (given to me by my BFF/matron of honor) along with five hangers on the back of the door for WIPs. My goal is to only have five WIPs at a time and store them on those hangers. Right now I have my Ginger Jeans muslin, three tank tops and a Lane Raglan (not pictured) begging to be completed.

Overall, I’m really excited that I have a great space to work with as I continue to try and de-stash. I’ve made it my goal not to buy any new fabric until I use what I have. It’s a daunting task but totally doable!

Do you feel like you can’t sew until your space is clean, too? How do you stay organized? //Victoria

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