Sunday Lately

Sunday Lately: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling

I’m so excited that it’s Sunday again! I didn’t get another post in between last Sunday and now, but it’s been a busy week of travel for work. I’m glad to just get to relax and reflex. I’m linking up here, and if you’re interested in some blogger support check out the Blogger Tribe on Facebook!

This week’s theme is completing, visiting, repeating, writing and scheduling.

Our floors are finally not carpeted! My hu

Josh, my dad and a couple of guys completed putting in our vinyl tile over the weekend! I can’t wait to get some good before and after photos of the whole area to share. It makes it feel like a real kitchen space now instead of just a really weird living area with a fridge and stove. We just need to put some baseboards in and then it is on to nursery projects!

I just got back from visiting Texas for work, and it was a really great trip despite traveling at 28 weeks pregnant. Luckily I felt awesome, and I was blessed to stay safe the entire week. I’m definitely glad to be home though!

Between coming back from the airport on Friday and then traveling to my parents’ house over the weekend (I didn’t want Brinkley to get stressed out with the floors being put in), I repeated the same drive home twice. Definitely not my favorite, but it’s such an easy drive that I could do it blindfolded. 

I’m writing in my new planner that I finally got in the mail on Friday! One of my personal goals for 2016 is to be more organized. Even though my phone keeps me semi on top of things, I really felt drawn to go with pen and paper to supplement reminders on my phone calendar. It will be exciting to see how it goes.

This week I am really trying to schedule time to organize my craft room and sew. After a week of not being home and going straight to my mom’s after getting back, I really need time to refresh. I’m also testing a pattern this week, so I need to schedule time for that, too!

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Hope you’re Sunday is going lovely as you prepare for the week ahead!//Victoria

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