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Real Life, Real Sewing | Sew 20 Tour

I’m taking a break from never posting to my blog (sarcasm, sorry! Let’s just ignore the fact that I totally failed at documenting Me-Made-May, okay??) to join in on Sew 20’s first Blog Tour! The theme for this tour is Real Life, Real Sewing, and it showcases a bunch of awesome bloggers who are sharing what our projects look like “out in the wild.” No staged photo sessions (so none of me in front of my blue door!) and honest answers about the whole process.

I’m answering five questions on what real life sewing looks like for me below. Scroll down to the end for information about a giveaway from Sew 20!

1. What do you look for when choosing a sewing project?

I always try and think about what I NEED in my closet. Mostly the answer is more tops, even though I sewed several pencil skirts while I was on maternity leave (another post for another day). I also try to think about what I have time for. Taking care of a brand new baby, keeping a clean house, AND trying to sew or even read a book is a lot harder than I expected. But I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world! I love sewing my own clothes, so I do my best to make some time.

Aside from what I need to fill my wardrobe holes and time, I also consider what I can make out of what is already in my pattern/fabric stashes. If I have the pattern and the fabric to make something to fill a hole in my closet then I will always try to at least start it.

2.  Is there anything you would like to (or wish you could) do differently when selecting projects?

There is almost never an actual plan when I start sewing, and I think I’d like to get into the habit of making more project lists. Creating a list of garments I need/fabric I have/patterns I want to make would definitely help me stay organize and get more done.

3. What is your most used/worn sewing project? This either could be of all time or currently.

Most of my handmade clothing gets a lot of wear, but right now I’d say that my Laurelhurst cardigans get the most wear. It’s in the 80s most days now, but when I come home to central air (which I am VERY grateful for!) I get chilly. Comfy cardis are a must for me!

4. Do you have a project that you thought would be used/worn frequently but just did not end up working out?

I sewed up a bunch of Tiny Tanks (discountinued pattern by Grainline Studio) right before I found out I was pregnant last summer, but they are unfinished. I only need to sew the bindings, but right now I know they just wouldn’t fit my post-partum body. I might just finish them and see how they fit, but right now I’d rather focus my time on projects I know I can definitely wear.

5. What is your favorite tip or quote that applies to sewing for real life?

JUST DO IT! So many times I get hung up on how hard a new skill might be to learn (jeans, zippers, etc.) and I just need to DO IT. And so do you! You’ll thank yourself later and get more completed in the end.

This tour made me go through my phone and find some great “in the wild” shots of my projects from the past year (May 2015-June 2016). In each of the photos below I’m wearing at least one sewn item. It’s really neat to see that I get a lot of wear out of my projects (I wore a me made to both the weddings I went to AND Christmas.) I’m looking forward to a year from now and plan to have just as many more pictures of my handmade wardrobe to share!

Thanks so much to Sew 20 for hosting this awesome tour and allowing me to join in on the fun! Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour that are linked below and enter the giveaway!

Do you have any examples of Real Life, Real Sewing to show off? You can play along by using the #realliferealsewing on social media.

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