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Breaking Ground Tour

Melissa of mahlicadesigns is hosting the Breaking Ground Blog Tour this week, and I’m one of the stops today! The tour is centered around the theme of trying out a new-to-you designer, and I was excited to sign-up and sew something new. I must admit that I wasn’t as successful (in my mind) as the other ladies on the tour, but it was a great learning experience for me.

I will say that just because I don’t feel I was successful doesn’t mean I didn’t like the pattern or designer I picked. I chose the Agility Tank sports bra from 5 out of 4 Patterns, a pattern that I have been eyeing for well over a year.

After I chose this pattern I realized I really wasn’t super comfortable with wearing a sports bra for the internet to see, so my trusty mannequin will have to do.

The back detail is what first caught my attention when browsing 5 out of 4’s website. It’s so unique and adds interesting detail. I didn’t even cut the back detail in the double brushed poly that I used for the main fabric on purpose, but I love it!

I got as far as the binding on my version of the sports bra option and forgot to baste the binding on with my regular machine and went straight to my serger. On a TNT pattern this would have been fine, but I really stretched the binding out an embarrassing amount. You can’t tell on the mannequin, but one side is higher than the other.

This project made me think a lot about how impatient I can be when it comes to sewing. I want the “slow sew” quality of my garments in “fast fashion” time, and in reality it simply doesn’t work like that!

Ultimately I am looking forward to making this pattern again in the next few weeks after I refocus myself and add a little more patience into my sewjo.

Check out the other lovely ladies on the tour this week below. Many thanks to Melissa of mahlicadesigns for hosting!

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9 thoughts on “Breaking Ground Tour

    1. I love the back detail as well–it’s what drew me to the pattern! I’m hoping my second go of it results in a finished piece!

    1. Thanks, Ti! I think I will give it another try after the projects I have in my queue are done and I can focus on it completely. I think that was my other big issue.

  1. This tank seems to be very popular, so I hope you will try again. I haven’t ventured into sportswear at all, so maybe this should go into my breaking ground list of things to try.

    1. You definitely should! It’s a well-drafted pattern. I think I just had a few hiccups that caused some sewist errors. But I am planning on making it again soon! Or trying to fix this version because 🙂

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