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The Perfect Work to Weekend Outfit | Ch-Ch-Changes Blog Tour

This month’s blog tour hosted by Sewing by Ti has a very simple theme to take whatever way we wanted: changes. Ch-Ch-Changes to be exact (sorry in advance for getting that song stuck in your head!).

For me, my change comes on Friday–work to weekend! I love a good transitional outfit, but I wanted something less complicated than an outfit change. I just wanted to celebrate the transition from the office to the patio, ya know?

Enter my Henrike Jumpsuit and trusty Gap jean jacket that is, yes, 15+ years old. Quick story: my mom bought this jean jacket for me when I was in 6th or 7th grade. You read that right! But she was smart and sized up, so I can still wear it today. It’s an item that has survived the longest over the years, and it is key in helping me transition from work to weekend!

When paired with the Henrike Jumpsuit, my trusty jean jacket ups my business casual game for an outfit that works for Fridays in the office to a quick trip to the grocery store for weekend goodies (ice cream!).

When you think of ch-ch-changes in your sewing or closet what comes to mind? Other than that song of course.

Check out what all the other great ladies on this Blog Tour are changing into this summer. (And try to get that song out of your head…right?!)

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