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Sewing and Blogging Plans for 2019

Last year proved to be a busy year for me outside the world of sewing. I started a new job that I love, and we made a move to be closer to our families. Between selling our old house and then moving and setting up a new space (our entire home and sewing), it’s no surprise that I went dark on here after July!

But I’m back and excited to share some plans for the next year. The main theme of 2019? Selfish sewing.

Plans for Sewing

I’m going to spend more time sewing for myself. Specifically, I’m going to plan and sew for what my wardrobe needs. I’ve spent the last three(ish) years pattern testing here and there for several amazing designers. It’s been eye opening to see behind the scenes how much work goes into a pattern, and I’ve seen just how passionate they are about putting out an amazing pattern. The downside to testing is that my closet is a mess.

Since getting back into sewing six years ago, I’ve accumulated a lot of me-mades (as you’d probably expect!). Unfortunately I haven’t been making or keeping clothes that I truly love and truly work in my wardrobe plan. A lot of that stemmed from my desire to *TEST ALL THE PATTERNS* that come across my feed with a call, because I really did enjoy it.

Did. Past tense.

The process of moving last year made me realize how little I was truly¬†sewing for myself. I took a pause from testing last fall during the move, and I ended up purging some of my wardrobe and realized that there are a lot of items I want to sew in 2019 (check out my Make Nine grid for this year)! I won’t be able to get projects done and enjoy them if I continue to sporadically sign-up for pattern tests. I’ve decided that I need to continue my testing pause into 2019.

All this to say, I do not mean any of this negatively toward the designers I’ve worked with. They are all so, so amazing and understanding when life happens. It’s just what needs to happen for me to sew more for my own needs.

Plans for Blogging

I’ve decided that is the year of true life documentation and reviews for me. I’ve always wanted this space to be one where I could show of my makes and share my thoughts on patterns, fabric, etc. I finally plan on doing so this year!

I’m working behind the scenes to reorganize the Very Blissful blog. In addition to reviews I’ll also share tips & tricks, fabric fun and other things that make me happy. My goal is to have an online space that’s easy to read, explore and reach out.

What are you goals for the next year?

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  1. I’ve stepped way back on pattern testing too and plan to keep it that way. I’m still pretty wishy washy on what I’m going to work on this year. Instead of having a detailed list of projects, I’ve only roughly put together an overview of things I’d like to work on and I’m fine with that.

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